youth creating their future


Susan and Eyal Kaplansky dreamed of opening an art center for youth at-risk.
After Susan passed away at a young age, Eyal was devoted to the realization of this dream and Susan’s House was born.    

Susan’s House has become one of the most successful youth rehabilitation centers in Israel. It stands as a testament to the determination and generosity of Susan and Eyal, its devoted staff and the strength and will of the young people who make the most of this opportunity to improve their lives.

Susan’s House, inspired by Susan and Eyal’s dream, provides teens at-risk with the space, vocational training, therapeutic support, and supervision required to create and sell beautiful, inspirational, and unique pieces of art.

Our hope is that our youth will go on to become productive, happy and healthy young adults.



$500 Donation

A gift of $500 will cover the costs associated with running one 6-hour seminar for participants to strengthen their life skills, including financial literacy and personal budgeting.

$1,000 Donation

A donation of $1,000 will provide healthy, delicious, and hot meals to all 35 of our teen participants every workday for one month.

$15,000 Donation

Your generous contribution of $15,000 will cover the full cost of providing one teen participant with critical guidance, therapeutic support, and training opportunities for one year.


Susan’s House began as the dream of one woman who wanted to help others in need. Today, this dream still guides and informs everything that we do at Susan House.

We believe that the uniqueness of each piece of art is what makes it special. And this is exactly what we teach our teens!

We encourage our teens to appreciate and rejoice in all we have. We aim for each individual who enters Susan’s House to feel the warmth and joy of our space. And for each artistic product to cause happiness in others.

We believe that our physical appearance directly impacts our inner experience and feelings. Therefore, we place special emphasis on the aesthetic beauty in all of our products


Educating our teens about the importance of protecting our natural environment is paramount! Therefore, all materials and products that we use at Susan’s House are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.