Purim is always a magical time of the year at Susan’s House.  We invite all current and past participants, employees, and volunteers of Susan’s House to a Purim party.  The theme this year was a castle.  The staff and teens worked together to transform our giftshop and visitor’s center into a magical castle, complete with beautiful chandeliers made from recycled material, paper flowers, treasure chests filled with handmade jewels, created sparkly spheres which they hung from the ceiling, decked out a ballroom and painted a beautiful enchanted forest scene.

We entered the party on a red carpet and were met with tables of food, stands of popcorn, cotton candy & made-to-order crepes.  Fitting into the theme, guests were dressed as kings, queens, princesses, jesters, maids, and more!

Of course, the most magical part of the yearly party is having a chance to spend time a few minutes with the past participants.  It is always so inspiring to hear what they are up to now; where they are in school and what they are studying, what they’re doing in the army or in national service, where they working and how the experiences are going.  Wishing them all continued success in where they are and where they are going.

For now, it’s back to work.  Pesach (Passover) prep is in full swing.  We have new seder plate designs to get on the shelves, finalizing new workshops options, and as always – welcoming new teens and helping them create a better tomorrow.