They say that if you give someone a fish they can eat for a day, but if you teach them to fish they can eat for the rest of their lives. At Susan’s House we are teaching the teens to fish, figuratively speaking of course.  ?

According to a recent independent study by the Brookdale Institute following participants who have finished working at Susan’s House in the last five years, 98% of our past participants are working (13% of them are also learning).

We have received phone calls from managers and store owners singing the praises of our past participants. At Susan’s House they learned how to respect their job, come on time, interact with co-workers, follow-through with a project, manage deadlines, accept constructive criticism, and be a team-player.

They also learn how to talk to customers. When groups visit Susan’s House, our teens are encouraged to interact with the visitors. We recently had a two day course at ReMax for our teens to learn about customer interaction. As one of the teens told me, “we were taught not to watch someone look at the jewelry, but to walk over and ask them a question like, ‘Hi, can I help you find something?’”.