I have been asked many times, “What is the chesed we can do at Susan’s House?”. My first answer is to visit. No, you will not be packing food to be delivered to families in need, handing out teddy bears to children in hospitals, or even spending an hour reading a senior citizen a book. Your chesed at Susan’s House is simply your visit. One of our main goals at Susan’s House is to help build the self-esteem of our teens. They have come to see themselves as useless failures, and we show them that they can create beautiful products. Staff members can tell them a thousand times that they are doing a great job, that their products look beautiful, that we believe in them; but it is hard for them to accept that from those whose job it is to encourage them. We found that when we started bringing groups to Susan’s House our teens’ self-esteem started improving tremendously. Strangers, with nothing to personally gain, walk in and are visibly and vocally impressed at what our teens are creating. In a few short weeks a new kid at Susan’s House will go from shying away from our visitors to showing off their skills for them. A kid who went through Susan’s House said, “all my life I just wanted to be seen, I felt invisible until I came to Susan’s House”. At Susan’s House, your chesed project starts when you walk through our door.