On May 1st Susan’s House moved from Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood to a larger facility closer to the city’s entrance in Givat Shaul.  There were a lot of mixed emotions in the upcoming move.  Change is never easy, and our teens let us know that they were nervous.  Leading up to the move the staff met with the teens that work here to discuss the move.  They discussed the emotions involved in moving and the practical issues of what busses go to the new location and where to find the connections needed.  During the months of construction leading up to our move the teens were brought to the new location to see it and give their input on the construction to make the transition that much easier.  After the move it was the teens and staff members that put the final touches on the new workshop.  The teens built the display area for the new giftshop and the shelving units for the workshop areas.  Together they unpacked the boxes and filled up the newly built shelves.  Less then a month later the new workshop is up and running. As I am typing this a ceramic candlesticks are being painted, glass is being cut to size and chamsas are being handpainted.  When asked how they feel now about the new place, the teens tell me “they feel at home”.  The staff did a great job helping the transition go as smoothly as possible!

Visit us at our new location:
31 Kanfei Nesharim, Givat Shaul