1. Inspiring. Susan’s House is the perfect place to bring your group to be inspired. Bar/bat mitzvah group? Synagogue or community mission? Or any group looking to be inspired, listening to our story is sure to inspire everyone. Susan’s House started as one person’s dream, and turning that into a reality has helped hundreds of teens in Israel! But it’s not only our story you’ll find inspiring, meet some of our teens and hear the stories of how they’re turning their lives around and creating a better future for themselves.

2. Chesed/Tikun Olam. Susan’s House is a great place to come on your chessed day. Your visit is a major part of our project to teach life skills necessary to succeed to our teens. Every visit is an opportunity for us to teach our teens how to interact with customers; how to approach people, how to be helpful, how to problem-solve, and more. In addition, we clearly see how each visit helps build our teens’ self-confidence and self-worth.

3. Souvenirs. Do you want to bring back the perfect presents from Israel that meaningful, beautiful, and have a story to tell? All of our products; glassware, ceramics, & jewelry are hand-made by our at-risk teens who are creating better futures for themselves by learning necessary life-skills through creative work.

4. Real Jerusalem. Susan’s House is located in the industrial zone of Givat Shaul, Mirkaz Sapir. Here you will see Israelis of all kinds sharing space and working together. Mirkaz Sapir is home to printers, carpenters, car mechanics, art students, hi-tech professionals, shop keepers, artists and more.

5. Off The Beaten Track. Tourist spots and hikes are wonderful, but sometimes you are looking for something a little different. Susan’s House may not be in all the tourist brochures, but it may be just what you are looking for. Come visit our workshop and see how our teens are making beautiful glassware, ceramics, jewelry and glass beads.

6. Free. The talk about Susan’s House and the tour of our workshop are free. That’s a price that can’t be beat!

We look forward to booking your tours! Susanshouse.j@gmail.com | Tel: 02-672-5069