Susan’s House was established in 2002, in memory of Susan Kaplansky.  Susan dreamed of helping youth through art.  Today Susan’s House is a warm, welcoming place for at-risk teens.  These teens, many from the street, are taught to create beautiful glass work, ceramics & jewelry.  They are guided by a dedicated staff. Through this process, they are able to develop a sense of self-worth and learn the life skills needed to find their place in society.

Come visit Susan’s House in Jerusalem and you will be amazed at the beautiful pieces that our talented teens have produced.  Help support these teens find their path through artistic expression and learning skills that can empower them towards a rewarding and successful future.  Your participation will help fuel the ongoing goals of Susan’s House.



Visits to Susan’s House is an integral part of our program.  We have seen amazing changes in the attitudes and self-esteem of our teens following visits.  Every visit gives our teens a chance to show off what they do and what they have created.  They love hearing the compliments made by complete strangers.  We use the opportunity to teach them how to interact with customers; how to approach and offer assistance.

Come meet the teens, hear their stories, and see the beautiful pieces they produce.

What does a visit include?

A visit starts with an introduction by a staff member and a short video about Susan’s House.  The group will be taken through our workshop stations and watch how our teens create each of our products.  The tour ends in our gift shop, where the visitors will be able to see all of finished products and have a chance to shop. The tour is free and lasts 1-1.5 hours.

We host large and small groups.

Family Trips • Synagogue Trips • Birthright Trips • Federation Missions • Birthday Parties
Solidarity Missions • Youth Groups • Summer Programs • Gap Year Programs • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trips

Is there an option to volunteer?

Yes, please let us know when booking the tour and we will arrange a volunteer opportunity.

Can we make our own artwork?

Yes, we have a number of options for creating your own artwork at Susan’s House:

Beading: Necklace  60 ₪ | Bracelet 50 ₪ | Keychain 30 ₪
Painting Ceramics: Selection of ceramics to paint, price varies.

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Celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem is so special. There are so many places you want to pack into the experience. Susan’s House is honored to find itself on the list of places more and more families are choosing to include in their simcha. Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is not just about the party, it’s about becoming a responsible part of the Jewish people, and a focus on chesed, tikun olam, and tzedakkah have found their places in the celebration. Take the tour, and listen to the story of Susan’s House. You’ll learn how one person’s dream changed the lives of hundreds of teens. Come behind the scenes and meet the teens working in the workshop creating the beautiful pieces of art displayed in our gift shop. Your group will leave with a greater appreciation for what they have, and what they can achieve. If you want to do something “hands-on”. We offer a volunteering opportunity, where visitors can help by stringing beads for necklaces, or painting the backgrounds on some of our products. We also offer visitors the opportunity to create their own art, like stringing a necklace or painting ceramics. We have also had the opportunity to host Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties at Susan’s House. It will truly be a night to remember. So, let us know what you are looking for, we would be honored to help enhance your family’s simcha.


Eyal & Susan April 1991

Susan Kaplansky was born in 1964 to Ellen and Al Grant and grew up in Westchester, NY.  Her grandparents hosted a family from Eilat whose son, Yuval, was born with a serious heart defect and had come to the US for surgeries.  Susan and Yuval became best friends.  Eyal Kaplansky was Yuval older brother’s best friend.  After finishing his IDF service Eyal moved to New York.  Ofir, Yuval’s older brother, introduced Eyal and Susan, and they found their soulmates in each other.  They married and moved to Jerusalem.

Susan was an artist, and she believed that art had a healing power.  In her home, she helped many teens one-on-one through art, but she dreamed of setting up an organization to help many more.   When Yuval passed away, Susan decided to start an organization in his name, but before she could she was diagnosed with cancer and died the next year.  At her shiva, Eyal decided to see her dream through and spoke to Avital Goel about setting up the at-risk center.  Officially named the Yuval & Susan Foundation, Susan’s House was born.


Let’s get in touch

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